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Bread mixes are vital products for professional bakers, helping to ensure quality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Our range of Bakery Mixes includes Tegral Mixes, which require the addition of water and yeast, and Easy Bases, which require water, yeast and flour. What are the advantages of using bread mixes? There are many reasons why […]

With the demand for on-the-go consumption increasing all over the world, the finished appearance of your products is more important than ever. First impressions count for a lot and can often be decisive in how consumers perceive your product. Our research backs this up: shiny products are perceived as being more indulgent, of higher quality […]

Emulsifiers fulfil a variety of vital functions in food preparation. In the world of bakery and patisserie, they bring benefits to both the consumer and the manufacturer of baked goods. These benefits include: What’s special about Puratos emulsifiers? The Puratos Multec Emulsifiers use high-quality vegetable oil, palm oil or rapeseed oil as their primary raw […]

Visual seduction plays an important role in customers’ in-store purchasing decisions. Glazes and decorations are therefore essential for differentiating bakery and patisserie products and converting passing interest into transaction. What are the benefits of using Puratos Glazes? Puratos Glazes offer a brilliant and practical enhancement for patisserie and bakery products. But our pastry glazes don’t […]