1. Panning composition
1000 g of Candied lemon peels
50 g of Dextrose
6000 g of Belcolade Lait Selection
300 g of Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Buttter
90 g of Fizzy sugar
24 g of Cola aroma
2. Colouring
100 g of Belcolade Pure Prima Pressed Cocoa Butter
3 g of Liposolube yellow colour
3 g of Liposolube red colour
4 g of Liposolube blue colour
3. Shiny finishing
Q.S. of Arabic gum based shining agent

Working Method
1. Panning composition
Melt the Belcolade Lait Selection to 40°C.
Add the Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butterand cola aroma.
Mix in 5kg of chocolate and add sugar.
Add the dextrose to the lemon peels to prevent the fruit from sticking together.
Use a Selmi Com t machine to coat the candied lemon peels. To obtain a smooth surface, follow the correct parameters for the cooling and speed (8-12°C cooling, 50% speed).
After adding 5 kg chocolate little by little with a ladle, start to add the 1kg of chocolate without the add sugar for a at surface.
2. Colouring
Melt and mix the Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter with the colours to achieve a blue/black colour and add to the dragées. (30-33°C add, 45% speed, 8°C cooling).
3. Shiny finishing
Depending on the brand and type of shining agent, the process and dosage may change.

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